Cycling along the Ciclovia Destra Po – the longest cycle toute in Italy – you will meet a castle called Rocca della Stellata that marks the entrance to the land of the ancient Duchy of Este, with its beautiful capital city, Ferrara. You cannot avoid visiting it, because the history if this city, founded on an old branch of the River Po, is indissolubly linked to the Great River.
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Cycle routes

At the fortress called Rocca della Stellata you can take a cycle route that is about 125 km long and runs along the River Po up to the delta. Its is called  Ciclovia Destra Po and is one of the best known cycle routes, the longest in Italy, marked by signposts and entirely reserved for cyclists

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Parks and protected areas

The area of the Po Delta, including the ancient delta of the river, located farther south than the present one, is a protected area organised in two natural parks. The Po Delta Park of the Veneto Region and the Po Delta Park of the Region Emilia Romagna

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Food and wine

The sea breeze blowing on the river brings a salty small to the air. The dishes of this area bring onto the table the taste of the wetlands. Just as the Delta is a hybrid environment, where the river meets the sea, the most typical fish of the area, the eel

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