The towns and villages along the Po River have been the perfect setting for films and novels. They are part of our imagination, the beautiful backdrop of many historical events and stories. The Po River and its villages are the protagonists of one of the most popular literary and cinema sagas in Italy, Mondo Piccolo by Giovanni Guareschi. Brescello, the hometown of the two main characters Peppone and don Camillo is still visited by many tourists. The streets of Ferrara remind us of the events told in the novels by Giorgio Bassani, as well as the place where Ludovico Ariosto spent most of his life. The Po River is the protagonist of the novel Il mulino del Po by Riccardo Bacchelli, and in Revere you can still visit the floating mill described in the novel. Could it be the river environment near Turin that inspired Emilio Salgari when he described Indonesia in his adventure novel The Pirates of Malaysia? We do not know for sure, but it is undeniable that a river flowing for such a long stretch can make a writer's imagination run wild.