At the beginning it is a just an Alpine stream. It flows through the Valley that takes its name, overlooked by the Giant of the Alps, the Monviso. Its peak, that stands over all the surrounding mountains, is clearly visible from the valley created by the river in an ancient sea gulf over a few million yearsI. The Po is our Great River, the longest in Italy, source of life and fertile land.

Stand on one of the many bridges crossing the river and you will see lakes  where canoes sail slowly in Turin, and herons flying over the suburban area. You will see untamed naure, thick riparian woods and white graverl beds in Casale Monferrato. From the bride Ponte della Becca in Pavia you will see te Po merging its waters with the blue river, the Ticino, one of its biggest tributaries. 

The River Po, the backbone of the most dynamic regions in Italy, then reaches the open spaces of the plain Pianura Padana, where its flows slowly in wide meandres , as if it wanted to warn the visitor by saying: Slow down! Do not run! Stop and explore this orderly countryside. Artistic cities and towns await you with their grand squares, their cathedrals, villas and castles, places of beauty and leisure for our ancestors, men and women of the Renaissance. Come and see that this place is home to well living, quality of life, decency and propriety.

You can take a boat in Cremona or in Borretto and sail slowly between the two banks of the river, looking at the belltowers emerging from behind the embankment. Or you can take a bike and cyclo along the many cycle routes, suitable for everyone. Every stop along the way can be a surprise, and at the end of the day, when you are hungry, you can choose between a 5- star restaurant and or a traditional tavern, in any case you will have a delicious meal, since this is the homeland of exquisite dishes and products.

The Great River, in its final segment, flows between high embankments. The sea is near. Before merging its fresh waters with the salty ones of the Adriatic sea, the river opens up in the hundreds of branches of the delta. The Po Delta is a world apart, full of life, the sanctuary of migratory birds. Its amphibious environment is governed by the rules of nature and its elements: land, water and the sky.

You have to take this journey along the River Po at least once in your lifetime. From the source to the Delta it is an epic, unfrogettable experience.