Flying herons reflected in the water. White beaches and riparian woods as thick as equatorial forests that follow the river along most of its flow. Although the Po crosses one of the most popolous regions in the counrty, you will be surprised by the large natural areas along its banks, hosting a great variety of habitats and wildlife. These areas are divided into three regional natural parks, the System of protected areas along the Po River, the Po Delta Park of the Veneto Region and the Po Delta Park of the Region Emilia Romagna, as well as many smaller nature reserves.

Discover the natural areas along the Po River

Po and Morbasco Park

Cycle routes, farmsteads and eating houses can be found inside the park, giving visitors a pleasant way for discovering it

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Golena del Po Park

The park protects the flood plain areas of the Po River in the municipalities of Casalmaggiore and Martignana Po. It's particularly interesting for its vegetation

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Adda Sud Park

The park offers different routes, even for bike enthusiasts

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Oasi Vallicella

Sportfishing, restaurant and events planner

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White Island of the Po River

This is an ancient fluvial isle along the Po River at the north periphery of Ferrara. Open all year long only by advanced booking for groups and school classes

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