The bank of the River Po starts in Casale Monferrato, a place that calls for a visit. Stop to learn more about the history of the Marquisate of Monferrato , climb the rolling hills covered in vineyards and wordl-famous wineries, try the unique cuisine of this part of the Piedmont Region. Here is where the Po becomes the Great River, widening in the boundless plain. Its meandres flow slowly among beaches of white pebbles and soft sand that is deposited by the river to create small islands along the banks, doomed to disappear the first time the river overflows. It is fed by the crystal, blue waters of the Ticino immediately after the city of Pavia, a beautiful phenomenon that can be watched from the bridge “della Becca”. The two rivers flow side by side for about 2 km and then start to slowly merge.
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Cycle routes

Cycling is the best way to discover the middle stretch of the Po River and the surrounding area thanks to a complex network of marked itineraries and safe cycling paths. The main route is the Ciclovia del Po

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Food and wine

Where the hills of Monferrato meet the Po River you can find the vineyards and the wines that are perfect to accompany the savoury dishes of the local cuisine

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