Ice cold water running impetuous on the gravel bed: the Po River in its alpine stretch is not different from many other mountain streams: a silver stream running from village to village, between Pian del Re and Saluzzo. From Ostana you have a perfect view of the “King of Stone”, the Mount Monviso, where the river rises. From there you can follow the stream past its last obstacle, the Mount Bracco and down to the valley, where the cool alpine waters slow down, flowing through the fields. In the spring, you should not miss the amazing view of the apple and peach trees in bloom. Then the river reaches the first town, Saluzzo, the ancient capital of the Marquisate of Saluzzo. The river keeps running past the town, but visitors should stop in Saluzzo to take a look at its medieval centre, with the beautiful Gothic residences of the Marquis, in particular the Castle of Manta, splendid example of local court life.
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Itineraries by foot

A trail in a cembrian pinewood, a rocky path climbing to the peak of the mountain, a track in the chestnut grove, a practicable dirt road, the tender, sandy soil, the wind blowing through the leaves of the poplars

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The Piedmontese segment of the River Po is part of a single, wide protected area following flow of the river from the Mount Monviso to the confluence with the River Ticino.
The park is divided into three areas

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Food and wine

The river flows across fertile land. Here you can find some of the food products that make Piedmont famous. Let us help you discover them with a very special tour

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