Food and wine

The river flows across fertile land. Here you can find some of the food products that make Piedmont famous. Let us help you discover them with a very special tour. Early in the morning, you should go to the street market in Pagno, in Valle Bronda, at the foot of Monviso. Here you can by the ramassin, small plums for which this valley is well known. Don't miss the Apple Fair in Cavour in the month of November. In Carmagnola the summer strett market with its the spectacle of colours is a feast for the eyes: this is the city of peppers (peperoni), the most renowned in Piedmont. If you smell mint in the air it means you are in Pancalieri, specialised in the production of this essence.

When in Turin stop at the market of Porta Palazzo, the biggest outdoor market in Europe, to take a glimpse of the great variety of produce the flatland and the hills can offer. The go to the city centre and choose a café , where you can have a “bicerin” (small glass of liquor),or taste the hazelnut and chocolate cream crema di gianduia, and many other creations of the local patisserie. Turin is the city where chocolate was invented!

In the evening you can have dinner in one of the many restaurants serving agnolotti (filled pasta) and “tajarin”, made with the high quality beef of the Piedmontese breed, smoked or pickled trouts, as well as many different types of chees e and cold cuts form the Alps, accompanied by the excellent wines of the region.

After Turin you enter the land of rice, responsible for 50% of the whole rice production in Europe. Rice and beans from Saluggia are the main ingredients of a famous traditional dish, called “panissa”, celebrated in many street fairs in the city of Vercelli.