Parks and protected areas

The area of the Po Delta, including the ancient delta of the river, located farther south than the present one, is a protected area organised in two natural parks. The Po Delta Park of the Veneto Region and the Po Delta Park of the Region Emilia Romagna form the largest protected wetland area in Italy. The level of biodiversity is extremely high thanks to the different habitats present in the area, from wetlands with different degrees of salinity, to fishing lagoons, sand banks, dunes and woods that host an exceptional variety of wildlife, including at least 300 wintering, nesting or migratory birds. The Great Flamingo, the symbol of this environment of water and land, lives mainly in the salinas and is the most spectacular bird in the area. There are many other rare bird species, such as a few dozens of nesting Spoonbills and Pigmy cormorants. The Great woods of Mesola host a unique mammal, the deer.

Human settlements have always been present in the Delta area, as shown by the rich historical and cultural heritage surrounded by  unique natural sceneries. Your tour will start from the most outstanding places of th Park, the Abbey of Pomposa and the historical towns of Comacchio, Adria or Loreo. You can take one of the many cycling itineraries along the Route of the Wetlands and visit the Saltworks of Cervia, to try the famous “sweet salt”. You can see how clams are caught while cycling to the inlet Sacca degli  Scardovari and the natural oasis of  Ca’ Mello. At the Bothanical Gardens of  Porto Caleri in Rosolina a Mare you will see a great variety of plants typical of high-salinity habitats and sand dunes. Or you can learn all about land reclamation at Ca’ Vendramin, an exceptional industrial archaelogical site with impressive hydraulic works.