Itineraries by foot

A trail in a cembrian pinewood, a rocky path climbing to the peak of the mountain, a track in the chestnut grove, a practicable dirt road, the tender, sandy soil, the wind blowing through the leaves of the poplars. This is the scenery you will find if you choose to go hiking and walking around the Po River. On the “King of Stone” you can find the most beautiful paths and enchanting mountain huts, such as the Quintino Sella hut at the foot of the Monviso, the starting point to climb the mountain. The climb to the peak is not for everyone, as well as the Giro del Viso, an itinerary of magical beauty that can take 5 to 6 days and requires some level of fitness. However, there are many hiking and walking itineraries suitable for everyone. They start from Pian del Re and the sources of the Po River, climb to the lakes from which the Great River rises and then go down again along the Po Valley. Easy, scenic itineraries can be found in the flatland of Monte Bracco and at the Rocca di Cavour.

Around the city of Turin there are many easy paths, perfect for sunday family outings. You will also find more adventurous itineraries, such as the tour of the Turin hills, from Moncalieri to Chivasso. From the Superga Hill, a 3 to 4 days itinerary along the hillside will take you to the Romanesque Abbey of Vezzolano and the Sanctuary of Crea. Last but not least,you can choose the famous walkway along the Via Francigena, that starts in Turin and follows the river along easy dirt and low-traffic roads up to Vercelli.  

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Itineraries in the Park of Po Cuneese