Cycle routes

Cycling is the best way to discover the middle stretch of the Po River and the surrounding area thanks to a complex network of marked itineraries and safe cycling paths. The main route is the Ciclovia del Po, running along the left bank of the river and covering about 2,000km of the cycle network of the Po Tourist System in the Region Lombardy. A parallel route runs on the right bank of the river in the Province of Piacenza. Visitors can choose on which bank they want to follow the river, according to their interests, or find circular routes of different length in the area along the river. The Ciclovia del Po is also part of the Italian stretch of the Cycling Itinerary Eurovelo 8, connecting Cadice to Athens and crossing the whole continet.

The main cycle route is crossed by many circular itineraries and cycling paths that follow the main tributaries of the Po river and the service roads along the canals. You will be cycling on protected cycling paths, with reduced traffic, both on paved and dirt roads, where car traffic is limited. These itineraries are suitable for anyone, by hybrid bikes or mountain bikes, in case you want to cycle down the floodplains to reach unique natural areas, such as the heronries of Lomellina

On the left bank you can also find an itinerary of great cultural value at European level: the via Francigena, following the Po river and the area between Pavia and Piacenza.

The network of cycle routes in the regions Lombardy and Emilia is so extensive and sprawling that from the river you can slowly reach artistic cities in total safety, as for instance Parma and, following the Naviglio Grande from Pavia – even Milan.