Cycle routes

You do not need a special bike to cycle along this stretch of the Po River, any bike will do, from mountain bikes to hybrid bikes, to standard bikes or even, for short itineraries, vintage bikes, the big, sturdy black bikes used by rice workers in the past. The itineraries all run on paved roads or compact dirt roads and there are virtually no gaps

The cycle route Ciclovia del Po, with itineraries on both banks, follows the flow of the river. Between Ongina and Brescello you will find the signposts of the CicloviaParmaPo, a route of about 50 km. Then take the Ciclovia RE01 del Po, for another 23 km, from Brescello to  Gualtieri, following the embankemt on which the two protagonists of Guareschi's short stories  Peppone and Don Camillo used to cycle. The route crosses the cycling paths thaht follow the rivers Crostolo, Enza and Secchia. On the other bank you can cycle among the poplar groves on the 60 km of the Ciclabile della Golena del Po, between Cremona and Casalmaggiore.

From the main cycle route, protected cycling lanes will lead you to the cities of the area. Longer itineraries will take you to Parma and Reggio Emilia,if you want to enjoy the beauty of art, history and urban life after the silence and quietness of nature. The presence of man is indeed scarce along the river banks, at the foot of the embankment there are the mooring places such as those in Polesine Parmense, Sissa, Mezzani or Boretto. Crossing the bridges on the river is always an interesting experience. In particular you should not miss the bridge on boats in Torre sull’Oglio, one of the few still remaining in the Po Valley. Along the embankment you can find many beautiful places of interest, like old farmhouses small villages, as well as majestic aristocratic palaces in the countryside, such as the castle of Colorno, just to name one.