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Camino Castle

Camino Castle is located in the Monferrato hills, in the north-west of Italy, approximately one hour away from Milano, Genova and Torino. Surrounded by ancient woods, the Castle overlooks the Monferrato foothills which are covered in trees and vineyards. Camino Castle dates back to the 11th Century, and as a result of its strategic location, the castle was not only an ideal observation post, but also a refuge for the people living on the plains. Thanks to its architectural renovations and its excellent state of preservation, Camino Castle is not only one of a kind in its genre, but also one of the most beautiful castles in Italy.

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Castel D'Ario Castle

Castel d'Ario Castle was a strategic element of a defensive system into the Mantuan territory, together with Castelbelforte and Villimpenta Castles, placed on the borderline with Veneto. Castel D'Ario Castle represents one of the main medieval fenced-in castles with a pentagonal shape. Five towers are visible, included that one at the entrance, where people can still see the location where there was a portcullis and the ruins of the opposite ravelin. A significant restoration of the praetorian Palace at the end of the XX century has brought to life frescos at the walls of the first floor, with the escutcheons of the Scaligeris, the lords from Verona, owners of the Castle for twenty years in the second half of the XIV century. One of the towers inside the Castle is called Torre della Fame; the tower was called like this because in the middle of the XIX century some skeletons were found out in this place; probably they belonged to members of Pico della Mirandola and Bonacolsi families, locked up and starved here. A headstone on the castle door reminds to this event.

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Stellata Fortress

The Fortress was built around the year 1000 and then widened in 1362 by the noble House of Este

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