Museum of Land Reclamation and Water scooping plant of Saiarino

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The Museum of Land Reclamation, located inside the water scooping plant, is part of a complex of liberty style buildings. It includes the water scooping plant of Saiarino and the old thermoelectric power station, for the transformation and the production of electric current. The draining system provides to the raising of the waters and the dumping of them into Reno River, up to 9 metres sea-level. After this level, waters are spilled in particulars chests and they flow in the river.

The Thermoelectric power station hosts various pictures of employers immortalized while working the land during the drainage as well as boilers for the production of steam and other modern mechanical equipment.

The Argenta Museum of Land Reclamation has obtained the status of Quality Museum given by the Institute for Cultural Heritage of Emilia Romagna.