Lodi, ex-church and ex-convent of Saint Christopher

Street and number
Lodi, Via Fanfulla, 14

Lodi had had a church devoted to Saint Christopher since 1150-1200, property of the order of the Umiliati. In 1522, with the intention of founding a new confraternity, the Prior of the Olivetani Cenoby in Villanova al Sillaro acquired the church and the monastery and decided to rebuild them. The project was assigned to the architect Pellegrino Tibaldi. In 1564 the first stone is laid for the new church that was completed in 1586. The monastery was commenced the year after, 1587: Tibaldi was not re-elected but the documents mention Pietro Piantanida as the master of the works. Scholars believe that Pellegrino Tibaldi only made the design and did not follow the actual construction. The works to build the monastery lasted about ten years. The two-storey convent has an arcade yard. The granite pillars rest on a high base and bear round arches. The arches are highlighted by thin profiles used as stringcourses along the perimeter of the portico. The oldest part is the one opposite to the entrance, equipped with a raised central part and a portico on the side. This space receives the light from the port windows in the top portion and a large window in the front. Along the hall walls there are quarters on both sides, probably they were once used as dormitories.