Andreas Hofer Monument, Mantua

Street and number
Strada Montata - loc. Porta Giulia

Andreas Hofer (San Leonardo in Passiria, 22 November 1767 - Mantua, 20 February 1810) was an innkeeper and a horse dealer, then a Tyrolean patriot against French occupying force.
In 1809, he led the Tyrolean combatants and defeated three times Napoleon's troops. After those victories he became the supreme commander of Tyrol against Bavarian troops; but he was less lucky in that case. He was betrayed by Franz Raffl and he was captured on 28 January 1810 in Pfandleralm, near San Martino in Passiria. Then he appeared in a military tribunal in Mantua, where he was shot on 20 febbraio 1810.
His last words were "Franz, Franz, I owe this to you!". He referred to emperor Francis I, who had allied himself to Napoleon. They even say that, after the firing squad missed the first shot, he exclaimed "Ah, how badly you shoot!".
Today the song Zu Mantua in Banden der treue Hofer war (Loyal Hofer was in chains in Mantua) is Tyrol anthem.

Since 1823, his corpse is buried in the Hofkirche, in Innsbruck. He is considered a national hero, lots of monuments celebrate him, and 20 February became his celebration day in Tyrol.

Every year Schutzen from all over Tyrol come to Cittadella, in Mantua, to celebrate him in “Andreas Hofer” park, where a monument to him stands.