Casalmaggiore – Garibaldi Square (Piazza Garibaldi)

Street and number
Piazza Garibaldi

Designed in the 17th century, it was originally made of beaten earth. In 1813 was paved thanks to a testamentary bequest left by nobleman Leopoldo Molossi, and obtained the current appearance. The bequest also made possible the City Hall Palace restoration. The Marcheselli Palace and the former Church of the Holy Cross (Chiesa della Santa Croce) are located in this square: the church is now used as an auditorium, and hosts several events, concerts and expositions. It is part of the complex of Barnabites (18th century), restored in 1996: the public library “A.E Mortara” (accessible through Marconi street) is now located here, as well as the Museum of Jewelry. The Garibaldi Square is one of the biggest municipal squares in the north of Italy. Events of every kind take place in this square, from the traditional Saint Carl fair to the Piazza Spagna one, cultural events and the Saturday market. From the “court” of Casalmaggiore start the main streets of the city, where the most significant monuments are to be seen. 

(Translation Ottavia Mapelli)